Steady Supply of Oxygen for Hospital Beds 


Oxygen is the essential gas that human beings need to inhale, and it constitutes 21% of the atmospheric air. Though we do not need extra oxygen for inhaling in normal conditions, pure oxygen is required to support the respiration of patients in critical stages. Thus, a steady supply of medicinal oxygen for hospital is essential to save the lives of patients admitted there. 


Oxygen is needed in all units of the healthcare sector, including the Emergency ward, General ward, Primary Healthcare, Operation Theater, Delivery room, Intensive Care Unit, and Outdoor unit. Hence, every hospital needs a massive amount of oxygen daily for the treatment of their patients suffering from various ailments. A pulse oximeter is used to measure the oxygen saturation level in a patient's body. A person detected with a low oxygen level should be supplied extra oxygen immediately to save his/her life. 


MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd offers an onsite oxygen generator, which is much more affordable than buying numerous oxygen cylinders daily. Moreover, it can solve the oxygen crisis in all hospitals by providing a continuous supply of oxygen for hospital beds as long as patients need this support. PSA plants installed at hospitals provide 93% pure oxygen in bulk amounts that can meet the needs of all patients. These PSA plants maintain the Pressure Swing Adsorption technology as per the interim guidelines issued by the WHO. Thus, these MVS oxygen plants are life-savers for patients and excellent help for hospital doctors.